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The Director, DHRDD


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Today: Feb 24, 2017

The Birth of the Directorate



On October 12, 1993, letter of then Chief PNP Umberto A. Rodriguez designated Gen. Honesto P. Bumanglag to head DHRDD, which was immediately approved by the President of the Republic the following day. DHRDD was formally activated on November 1, 1993, followed by the activation of its HRDD regional offices. Upon its activation, it assumed the existing organizational structure, functions and acquired the human resources and manpower, and equipment of the Training Division of the Directorate for Operations, which, in turn, ensured the smooth turnover of its assets to DHRDD.


Organization and Structure


DHRDD is primarily composed of three (3) Divisions:


· The Individual Training Program Division (ITPD) – further divided into 3 sections, namely: Foreign Training Section (FTS) which caters to training programs offered to PNP personnel by foreign counterparts and stakeholders, including foreign-sponsored in-country training programs; Local Training Section (LTS) caters to all mandatory courses for PNP personnel for career development, and facilitates those programs sponsored by other PNP units, other government offices and private entities; Training and Education Information System (TEIS) which was mandated to provide an information database for all the training programs which a PNP personnel has undergone.


· The Unit Training Program Division (UTPD) – whose sections are as follows: In-Service Training Section (ISTS) which formulates training curriculum to enhance unit capability; Gender and Development/Moral Enrichment Program (GAD/MEP), whose primary function is to formulate programs of instructions for the conduct of GAD and moral recovery seminars; Physical Fitness and Sports Development Section (PFSDS) supervises the conduct of Physical Fitness Test semi-annually and formulates physical fitness and sports development program of the PNP.


· The General Doctrine Development Division (GDDD) – has two sections: Administrative Doctrine Section which formulates, develops and reviews administrative doctrines and manual of the PNP; Operational Doctrine Section which formulates, develops and reviews operational doctrines and manual of the PNP.